Mac os finder show folders first

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How to Display Folders First in Finder (macOS)

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Show All Subdirectories Files and Folder Contents in Mac OS X Finder

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macOS Sierra: How to Put Folders First in Finder Lists

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Skip to content. To get started, launch the Finder. Just like that, your files will be sorted with folders on the top. I have some folders set to be arranged by Kind, and if those folders have folders within them, they appear first before pictures, documents, or music files.

How to Keep Folders on Top When Sorting by Name in Mac OS Finder

Is this not happening for you? Can you provide a screenshot of how it looks? Use the dropdown and select your home folder. This will show your home folder's contents in the right pane.

When arranging by Kind, the order is Documents, Folders, Presentations, etc. I would like Folders, Documents, Presentations, etc.

Folders first. This is the case in all my folders that I arrange by Kind. May 15, 5: May 15, 6: You'll need a third-party hack like xtrafinder, PathFinder, or TotalFinder to get that option. I don't know which of the three either still works with El Capitan or offers the feature you seek.