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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I had an issue arise a couple of days ago. At first, I thought it was the sender's error, but it turns out it's on my end. I do a lot of writing and editing. I have worked with a particular author for years and was asked last week to edit his latest book. I went through the first four chapters and returned them to him.

Assign permissions to users and groups

He replies telling me that they're read-only files. Anyway, I did the ole Command-i and changed them.

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Then today I noticed that all of the documents I've been working on for myself and others are all read-only. Older Word files are not. Then I noticed that even my Photoshop and InDesign files are also read-only. I can find no preferences to change it so that the files are not saved as read-only. What am I overlooking? Posted on Dec 28, 1: Assuming these files are in your User directory, read then try the procedure in this Apple Support article:. Resolve issues caused by changing the permissions of items in your home folder - Apple Support.

macOS Sierra - How to read / write / format NTFS drive on mac

Posted on Dec 29, 6: Page content loaded. Dec 29, 6: Files are all read-only More Less. You should see the list of files in the current directory along with all the relevant file permissions for each item in the directory, as shown below. In the leftmost column, the file permissions for each item are listed. The next step is to actually change the file permissions to whatever you want. The chmod command runs in two modes — absolute and symbolic mode. The absolute mode uses an octal number with various values that can be combined to set many of the different read, write and execute permissions at once.

To change the file permissions on a file, you need to specify the category User, Group, Others, or all three , the type of operation e. In my example, this is how it looks:.

MS Office Word for Mac documents are Read-Only. - Microsoft Community

Thankfully, chmod can act on multiple files. Simply combine the chmod command with the appropriate file list filter, such as:. This enables write and execute permissions for Groups and Others to all text files in the current directory. Changing the file permissions is relatively straightforward, and there are lots of combination commands that can be used together for more advanced use cases. Once you start playing around with file permissions, you could even build chmod commands into Automator scripts, for example to run a shell command that contains chmod directives.

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    How To Change File Permissions Using The Terminal

    Turns out the permissions were set to read only. No idea how that happened. I changed the permissions using the commands in terminal. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    I am a newbie in using terminal. I am doing bioinformatic analysis of some pretty big files that need to be shared with other people. This was a life saver with easy explanations and commands that even I could follow.

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