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MusicKit - music programming library. Denzo Guitar Software. CMME corpus mensurabilis musice electronicum. Muscript - language for typesetting music. SongWrite - tablature guitar partition editor. NoteEdit - free music score editor for Linux. Gamera - structured document analysis. Digital Music Notebook. Django tablature editor and composer. BUZZle - modular music composing and sequencing tool. GP3,GTP viewer, player. ABC Plus abcm2ps - music notation software. ABC Navigator - music notation software. TuxGuitar - A Multitrack tablature editor and player.

MyFonts has the most vibrant fonts community , that I joined so far. MyFonts searches for new fonts to sell. So if you designed a great music font, have a look at MyFonts. The wooden notes by www. When you came here, it seems you havent found what you were searching for.

Or you know you can do better than what you have found.

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When you are selling your new font, tell me. Did I mention that MyFonts searches for new fonts? Want to hear more? Type in your first name and E-mail address to get updates and news. First name. E-mail address. We value your privacy and will never sell, rent, giveaway, or abuse your information. If you like this page, please bookmark! The manual shows it the most common way. Sine, saw, square, etc. Sorry but I forgot to mention one more unrelated thing. The font has play, stop, rewind, skip, etc. Thanks for creating Bravura and I hope others follow.

I am almost done converting my own font to SMuFL.

Font release note

Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency between the example of 10 x wiggleWavy and the current version of the wiggleWavy glyph. Bravura is just one possible embodiment of the SMuFL standard, of course, so other font designers are free to construct their tessellating sine wave glyphs however they wish.

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Well, if you are talking about electroacousting performances, recording is nearly as probably as playing back. The font looks very nice, but I found that on iPhone with Korean language, the quarter note becomes much thinner. It happens only to Korean, not even Chinese and Japanese.

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Could you please shed some light on this problem? Thanks a lot! Can you contact me by email with some screenshots etc. It is available at https: On Windows, you can simply drag the Bravura. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. From the Sonata Font Design Specification: Bravura The above image shows Bravura in action: In keeping with our desire to draw on the best of pre-computer music engraving, Bravura is somewhat bolder than most other music fonts, as this comparison of the treble G clef shows: Here is another comparison, showing the eighth note quaver from each of the above fonts: Here are a few other symbols from Bravura, to illustrate its classical design: Laurence Payne on May 23, at Matthew Hindson on May 23, at That you are releasing this font under the open font license is outstanding.

Andrew Moschou on May 23, at 2: Looks amazing! David H. Bailey on May 23, at 2: Daniel Spreadbury on May 23, at 2: Doug LeBow on May 23, at 2: Bravo Daniel! Well done in every way. David MacDonald on May 23, at 2: Daniel Spreadbury on May 23, at 3: Thumbs up for the Open Font licence! Philip Rothman on May 23, at 3: Daniel Spreadbury on May 23, at 4: Engela Fullard on May 23, at 4: Regards Reply.

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Tony Ward on May 23, at 4: Oh, and sign me on for the Beta. Dagfinn Koch on May 23, at 4: Bob McCauley on May 23, at 5: Daniel Spreadbury on May 23, at 9: Graham Lyons on May 24, at Ralph Middenway on May 25, at 1: Yes indeed! Like Bravura … Enjoying this discussion. Geoff on May 23, at 7: Props for the licensing, and for the design, it looks quite nice! Manuel Gutierrez Rojas on May 23, at Mano Reply. Mark Isaacs on May 24, at 1: Brooks Hoste on May 24, at 2: Bernie Cossentino on May 24, at 3: Daniel, Great work! Carsten on May 24, at 8: Jeffrey on May 24, at 9: Brian on May 24, at 5: Looks fine to me… Reply.

Geert Bevin gbevin on May 24, at Don Stewart on May 24, at 1: Daniel Spreadbury on May 24, at 1: Juan Maria Solare pianist, composer on May 24, at 1: Claude on May 24, at 3: Hopefully you will find my input useful. All the best! Steven Hashimoto on May 24, at 4: Anthony Daly on May 29, at Peter Aderhold on May 24, at 7: The flag of the 8th note could have a little more roundness. For me it looks too tame. Juan Maria Solare pianist, composer on May 25, at 2: By the way, besides piano I played horn as second instrument for some years warm regards Juan Maria Reply.

Garrett on May 25, at 5: Emil on May 25, at 7: Alvaro Bertrand Bashkii on May 25, at Thank you, Daniel. This is all amazingly great news!! Alexander Blank on May 26, at 8: Best wishes and thank you for this! Daniel Spreadbury on May 26, at 6: Emil on May 27, at Andrew Moschou on May 26, at 2: Florian Fecher on May 27, at 4: Hello Daniel, thanks a lot for sharing your work in an early stage of development. I will work on a few proposals… Reply. Claude Lapalme on May 27, at 9: Mike Connelly on May 28, at 5: Daniel Spreadbury on May 28, at 6: Brent Bain on May 29, at 5: Urs Liska on August 9, at Daniel Spreadbury on August 9, at Me on April 15, at 5: Quickly find answers to your Finale questions!

This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date web search for FInale users anywhere - Try it! Jari Williamson's Finaletips. Bayard-Nizet has developed a set of 12 new music fonts for Mac and PC both Postscript and True-type versions are available. These fonts cover a variety of notational symbols from common to the more esoteric and are sold at very moderate prices. Please email us if you have current contact information. Caltabiano music fonts by Ronald Caltabiano. Downloadable demos and online purchase.

DaFont - thousands of freeware and shareware fonts available for download. Aiken's system is the seven-shape system used by almost all of the modern songbooks using a shapenote system. Order from Karen E. ExpressMusic has discontinued selling their music fonts online. These were a set of three music fonts with a distinctive hand copied look; Ashmusic, Leemusic and Russmusic. Figured Bass Standard and struck-through numbers, accidentals, brackets Franck and Brahms fonts are available from Florian Feuser.

Franck is compatible with the Petrucci font, and Brahms contains a variety of nonstandard symbols. Both fonts are available for Mac and PC. Email florian feuser. GoldenAge music fonts by Donald Rice. Of interest to composers and engravers of Handbell music. Please email us with info if you have it. Identifont - this unique online service allows you to match an existing typeface , or identify a typeface you have seen in a publication.

Matthew Hindson has created some very useful and unique music fonts for both Mac and PC. There are also Finale tutorials on his website. For a different hand-written look, Rich offers the " Swing " font.

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Kidnotes offers noteheads with letters embedded in them. Intended for music for beginning music students, this font can be used to display note names on noteheads. Available for Mac and PC. DVMarticulations is included free of charge. Metronome font. The package contains 2 new fonts, a plug-in a new tool palette including automatic recognition of neumes , default files, samples, and a printed documentation in 4 languages.

Published and distributed by Klemm Music Technology.

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There is extensive information about these notation systems, along with instructions for use in Finale here. MidiDesign - by Christian Texier French website. Six free music fonts: Use them in Finale, or a word processing document. The most recent version will be available for a limited time from the links here and here.

Music Teacher Tools - currently feature 7 new TrueType music fonts: MusicEd - rhythms that align, kodaly handsigns, and keyboard tablature. MusicEd Flute - create fingering diagrams for flute and recorder.